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The games of chance are all those in which you play to win money and the result of the game depends, wholly or in part, from the luck rather than from the ability of the player.
Most people play responsibly, but gambling can become a risk if you turn it into addiction.
When gambling becomes a problem, it has heavy consequences not only for the player, but also for the family, on an economic and psychological level.
If the game rather than being a pastime creates suffering, if the lack of money because of the game influences more and more the everyday life, it is important to ask for help.

Some good rules to protect yourself from pathological gambling.

  • Play only the sum for the fun, stop playing when you have spent that money
  • Set limits of time and money in the commitment you give to the game
  • Do not play when you have pressing debts
  • Don’t borrow money for the game
  • Do not play when you are experiencing an emotional stress situation
  • Cultivate other interests, let the game be just one of your pastimes
  • Do not play with friends who bet heavily
  • Do not mix alcohol and drugs with the game
  • Do not play since you think it is your lucky day (do not rely on feelings that you think “positive”)
  • There is no “lucky” machine (or lucky cards or games or “lucky turns”)

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